Mudra Hand Backflow Incense Burner 5.5″W x 3.5″D x 6″H.  Creates a waterfall of smoke (glaze color may vary) *

Dragon on Golden Sword Backflow Incense Burner 3.25″W x 2.75″D x 4.75″H.  Smoke cascades from the dragon’s mouth down the mountain and into the lake-style reservoir *

Waterfall Backflow Incense Burner 5.25″W x 2.5″D x 4.75″H.  Smoke replicates smooth flowing water *

Waterfall Buddha Backflow Incense Burner 3″W x 2.5″D x 4.75″H.  Smoke trails down waterfall-style while Buddha meditates peacefully on the other side *

Ceramic Base Plate for Backflow Incense Burners 7.25″ Diameter x 1″ H

  •  Incense cones and ceramic plate sold separately from burners

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Mudra Hand, Dragon on Golden Sword, Waterfall, Waterfall Buddha, Ceramic Plate